24 Jan 2013

MCX Gold ,Silver,Crude &Copper Daily Trading Call Updates for Today(24.01.2013)

LME Inventory

MCX Gold:

Yesterday MCX Gold Closing Price 30691

MCX Gold
Sell on rise today.MCX Gold Strong Support at 30520.

MCX Gold Resistances 30930,31010
MCX Gold Supports     30620,30460

MCX Silver

Yesterday MCX Silver Closing Price 59865.MCX silver strong support at 59470

MCX Silver Resistances 60038,60230
MCX Silver Supports     59730,59470

MCX Crude Oil 

Yesterday MCX Crude Oil Closing Price 5179.Crude oil may reverse due to positive economic outlook.

MCX Crude Resistances  5187,5204
MCX Crude Supports      5162,5145

MCX Copper 

Yesterday MCX Copper Closing Price 438.55

MCX Copper Resistances  440.50,442.40
MCX Copper Supports      437.20,435.80

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